Hobby Boss 1/35 EBR-10 part 1


To help with the tedium of skype conferences, I did some work on a model waiting in the pile… the EBR-10. I became interested in it thanks to World of Tanks (a very common occurence), and since it is a fun little vehicle (which may be killing the game…) I decided to build one.

Since it is simple, I easily did it while listening in to these online conferences I am forced to attend.

Nothing special, really, most things just fell togheter. I am a bit irked by the rubber tires, and also the fact that the canvas cover of the oscillating turret is shorter than it should be, so there is a gap in the front (not on the photos, it was installed after), regardless, a fun little project – the building stage took me about 3 hours total…


4 thoughts on “Hobby Boss 1/35 EBR-10 part 1”

    1. Do you play the game? The wheelies are a bit of a problem. It is a tank game, and they introduced a very fast (80+km/h) class with accurate on-the-move gun, high-penetration HE rounds and bad vision. Most “tracking” shots (e.g shots hitting the wheels, an analogy of which is tracking, an immobilization shot in tanks) merely slows them down, and deals no damage -even from the highest caliber gun in the game. Rubber, it seems, is a very effective armor. The thing is they can just run around like a chicken with their heads cut off, and spot everyone, drive behind enemy lines and take out the arties in the first minute of the game, and in general throw the whole game into chaos. The made other light tanks completely outclassed, and they make strategic play from other classes almost impossible when there are more of them, or when there is a competent player playing them. It is worse than the old-school T-50-2. (But they are kind of fun to play, I admit.) Of course, many times they just rush in and die. (It seems like the servers sometimes have trouble calculating hits, so they are famous of not being able to hit, even if the server reticle is correctly led and pre-aimed. The car is simply not there any more where it appears on the monitor.)


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