Avunculus Fragili

OK, so here is this imperial knight conversion. My 18 month old daughter, when she first saw the “skeleton” without the armor on (pretty hideous sight) cried happily “Uncle Fragile” (or “mister Fragile”, depending on the translation), and started hugging it. She had a concept of my toys being fragile and that it was a male… She is very empathic, by the way. I have Angron himself under painting, and she calls him “Uncle Crying”, and keeps kissing the figure telling him not to cry. Which is both sweet and funny.

Anyhow, this is how the knight looks like presently. I do not like it at all; the paintjob is just the base so it is not finished, but I am not convinced it actually looks the corrupted, twisted parody of its original self.

I wanted to introduce him to the world, and I also welcome any suggestions how to improve it with further painting/weathering; I do have some ideas. We will see how it turns out.

4 thoughts on “Avunculus Fragili”

  1. Looks good- I think I’d try a glaze to tie the colours together toinally so it looks like it has been through the same weathering process…?




    1. I think these will be the “original colors”. I will weather the hell out of them chip them and whatnot (the problem is I don’t think the metal used in these things rusts), and then there will be a coat of “new” paint added signifying its turn to traitors. This will also be heavily weathered and really, really heavily chipped to show off the previous layer.
      And a lot of grime, streaks, whatever. (Too bad about the rust. I may actually add some nevertheless.)


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