A short intermezzo

Well, as they say I managed to deliver a running kick in my own nuts in February, and underwent laser eye surgery (PRK, not LASIK).

Well, the doctor promised it would be over in a week, and I would be back at work and my life by the next Monday. Well, it took me three weeks of sick leave, and on the 5th week my vision is still not very good, so no model building for me. (Although it would probably be amusing to do some minipainting with these eyes….) The ironic thing is that my mother bought me a 1:32 Tamiya Zero (she has never done anything like that before), and I still cannot actually see well enough to take a good look at the model. Oh, and there is a war in the neighborhood.

Anyhow, stay tuned. In case my eyes get better and the world is not animated in a nuclear war, I will start posting soon(ish.)

5 thoughts on “A short intermezzo”

  1. I heard full recovery of your eye sight can take up to three months so no worries yet. But still: no modeling for such a period is not what you want. But always better than having a modeling sabbatical of some 20 years like l did once.
    Take care and don’t rub your eyes.
    Hope things stay under control with your next door neighbours. Kyiv is a long way of but still.
    Greetings from me and Ferdinand.

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    1. Unfortunately yes, PKR is like that -which I was not told about. In fact, when I brought up what I read online, the reaction was “we advise the patients not to read things online”.
      The joke is on me, I guess. 🙂
      20 years off -god that is a long time no matter how you look at it.
      Let’s hope this insanity in the East will stop soon -way too much blood has been spilled already. It is horrifying to think about- a stupid eye correction surgery and the problems I subjected myself to really, really, really pale in comparison.

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  2. Wow, sorry to hear that! Here’s hoping for improvement soon!

    BTW, the next time you deal with an “expert” remember it’s simply someone who’s wife isn’t there to tell him he’s wrong.🤣


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