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With adding some more rust, some dust and filling up the cab and roof rack the with the missing equipment and cargo, I call this vehicle done.

It is honestly great that MiniArt and other plastic model manufacturers venture into the more unique and obscure subject territory. Previously if it was not a Sherman or Tiger (with some exaggeration) you were out of luck -only very expensive kits or conversions by resin manufacturers were available. So while I would love to build the new General Motor CMP C60X by Resicast I will never be able to afford it; this model gave me something similar I actually can. We truly live in a golden age of scale modelling.

4 thoughts on “MINIART WERKSTATT KRAFTWAGEN TYP-03-30 Build Review Part 6.”

  1. Great job! Good to see you’re fully up and running again😊
    MiniArt is indeed bringing out some great special stuff. When l get through my stash a bit perhaps l will have a go at their Lanz Bulldog tractor they just issued in the Wehrmacht version including trailer.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 The whole September seems like a surreal dream, but now I am at a new job, and I got back to the everyday routine. (While trying to remember that time indeed is limited. Sorry for the bad philosophizing…)

      Oh yes, the tractor… That thing looks really nice, and it is not even a big kit. If only I had unlimited budget and time 😀 (It is still on the “to get” list as my daughter loves tractors. She is almost three now, so hopefully by the time she finishes university I will get through my stash so I can buy one.


    1. 😀 more than one comment 😀

      Dust and mud are my holy grails. I am not very good at them, so it is a constant struggle. The trench digging tractor will be subject of mud-practice…


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