Technical Difficulties

Well, this is definitely something modellers in general, and myself specifically are struggling with. I promise this, however: I am fully intent of finishing the Ferdinand in the next couple of weeks, and then proceed to the couple of 1/72 kits I have started to build, but I had a few Christmas-related things to take care of, and a set of shelves to install, an apartment to refurbish, a couple of Warhammer figures to paint (Magnus is only missing his coat now, as does the Emperor himself), and of course I had to start the MiniArt Werkstattkraftwagen Typ-03-30.

So keep tuned in.

6 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties”

  1. I can imagine that there are various reasons to pause building this one apart from the holidays and other obligations.
    This model is a mix of fun and irritation. I have encountered a number of fit issues: good thing you warned me in advance. In fact most of the clear parts (D sprue) need work to fit. A lot of work. Apart from that: how do you glue three clear parts together without showing any signs of it? That is what makes the engine deck a big challenge.
    Good thing too I have my finished Dragon Ferdinand to serve as an example of how things need to be positioned.
    Maybe I will start another kit first like you did with the Ukranian bus. Think my distraction will be Das Werk’s Würzburg radar. Also familiar to you I see.
    Good luck with the restart later!

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    1. Yes, gluing stuff to clear parts… I think smaller parts could be attached using white glue, but large parts -that is a challenge. Especially if you take capillary action in consideration. (That burned me in the RFM Panther build.)

      I have suprisingly little frustration with the Ferdinand; I simply do not have my painting supplies (airbrush, fume extractor,etc) ready because I had no time yet to fix the shelves on the wall above my desk, so everything is still packed away. 😦 Beh. One thing for sure: you do need to adapt your aims to the realities. I will paint most of the engine deck; hardly anything can be seen through the multiple layers of transparent plastic. I will just leave the large hatch open in the middle.

      The radar is a great kit, by the way -not a difficult build at all. But the bus will be a challenging build – painting all the tiny -winy little tools and whatnot… aaggghh 🙂 (And -spoiler alert- the bus itself is not as superb in quality as I got used to from MiniArt. It resembles their earlier kits: overly complex, insanely fine parts, and difficult to align things properly.)

      Do you have any photos of your Ferdinand? I would be curious to see how you are faring. (I can’t wait to paint it…)


      1. I can send you some pics, no problem. How can I mail them? I see no possibility to attach them but that could be me: I’m a boomer..;-)


      2. I can’t post a comment on your Miniart Werkstatt bus: link does not seem to work. Can you look into that? Thanks!


  2. I mistakenly published it – so I reverted it to draft (want to expand it a bit more).

    You can download photos on imgur, or just send some to me via email. Much appreciated!


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