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Calvin’s evil snowman



I love Calvin and Hobbs. The little kid with the overactive imagination, and his wise friend, the stuffed tiger that comes to life every time they are alone are just about the most amazing thing cartoonists ever given to this world.

Calvin also has a seriously dark side when it comes to snowmen.



Anyhow, I thought I might as well try to do some sculpting, and this was as good of a topic as anything else. It did not work out as well as I wanted, but it was a great experience.

I’ve used Miliput to make the characters, and created the snow-shovel out of a copper sheet. (Just cut it to size, shaped it, and used a pen to create the grooves.) The pot on the head was made using Evergreen styrene, and the branches are, well branches I picked up around the house. (I loved that place… and old apartment building, full of termites, with an avocado tree, and some nesting macaques outside.)

The snow was sodium bicarbonate -the most versatile thing you can have in your home, mixed with white glue. (Seriously. Just look it up on google what uses it can have…)

The case is a baseball display case I bought from a big storage-box supermarket. (Because the US has all sorts of shops dedicated for every facet of life… I really miss that place.)

I think the snow is the least convincing part; I’m planning to build a couple of these snowmen, and see what I can do to improve the results.