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Pride of the Royal Navy

Lately I have become interested in warships. Yes, there was that Cher video when I was barely conscious of the differences between sexes, and then there was that amazing book I found in a hostel in Canterbury in 2012. (I really should have written down its title. It was a  big, black book with everything about battleships.) I also worked close to HMS Belfast, regularly seen her, and visited her with my girlfriend on my birthday three years ago.

And now I am building the SMS Markgraf. I already plan to build the Belfast, and perhaps the Bismark (although it seems like a cliche as everyone seems to be building one), but now I found the real pride of the Royal Navy I really want in my collection.

Everyone, meet the HMS Cockchafer.

I can imagine her crew saying with dignity: “I serve on the Cockchafer”. It must have been quite a thing to say in polite company.