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Musings about model building


My fiancee is still cannot really come to terms with my hobby. It’s not that she thinks it’s childish, or she objects me spending money on it; it’s just she does not understand the why.

Why do I spend time building replicas of things that were created to kill people? (To be honest, I have no idea of this myself. War, and machines of war, and history do fascinate me but I’m not an idiot; I do know how horrible war really is. Well, I don’t actually know -fortunately- but I’m not stupid. People serving and dying in a T-34 or a Tiger would be quite appalled by our fascination with these machines I think.) She faithfully comes with me to all tank and RAF museums I can find, but she really does loath these machines, and I think her attitude is the healthier one. I suspect the fact that you can buy faithfully recreated dead terrorists in 1/35 means that at least some people’s attitude is a bit more jingoistic than mine.

The second question is much more interesting. She thinks I’m wasting my creativity on building things that do not actually serve a purpose, instead of creating something new. (She is an awesome human being.) She would understand if I drew or paint tanks (well, or made jewellery, do carpentry, photography, whatever), but building them up from ready-made parts is a different thing. I take her point in this, too, and I have no answer. There is a certain degree of creativity in this hobby, but it’s limited. (Perhaps this is why I have some aversion to ready-made weathering products.)

I enjoy what I do, I use it as an excuse to write which I like (I’m publishing reviews, after all), but I do recognise the fact that once the models are done, they don’t exactly serve any purpose, and I’m ready to move on to the next one. She did make me think. I will take up other creative things to do (I’ve started a blog focusing on macro photography), but the fact remains: I love this hobby, it makes me help to relax, it does threaten to swallow up my life if I’m not careful, but I have no answers to her.

If you have any thoughts on the matter, on why you do this hobby, on why you are interested in weapons of war, let me know. I’d be very much interested reading them; perhaps it would help me find my own answers as well.