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I have no idea who makes this figure – I got it from a Facebook buy/sell group (as I do a lot of stuff, because buying used is significantly cheaper).

He is about the size of a space marine (probably a tad smaller), which is to say, he is small. I guess he can be seen as a practice for the larger-scale version by Mystic Wargames which I am currently painting and reviewing.

Heresy Lab: Lord of Decay, Rage Lords

It is great to be a mini painter these days -even an amateur one, like myself. We have options now, and options are good for us. In this case we have yet another option for Mortarion, Primarch of the Death guard, this time from Heresy Labs. (There are also two options from Mystic Wargames, should you be interested. I know I am; they are on the bucket list, among a thousand other items. Perhaps I was not as close to Nirvana as I thought I was.)

I wrote a review about the figure on Modelgeek if interested; here is the painted product.

The good thing about the Death Guard is that “messy” and “dirty” are part and parcel of the whole thing. Easy to paint for armor painters…

Murderous clown

So a very good friend of mine sent me a link to a webshop where you could buy resin figures for model building. The item he linked to was a laughing clown. (Unfortunately I cannot find the link itself.) He made a mention about an evil, murderous laugh, and I have to admit the figure IS somewhat sinister, even without the gun I added later. So sure enough I ordered one (later another one) of these figures, and started to work. We both have a sick mind, OK?


I did want to show a clown in the middle of a killing spree, but I wanted to keep it as “tasteful” as possible; dead bodies lying around was a no-no.

This left us with the clown standing in a park, laughing, with the gun under his arm; all around him the scattered items people threw away while running away from our entertainer. I built a small bench to populate this little piece of park, and called it a day.

Needless to say, it took a while to order and prepare everything; so when my friend got it in the mail, it was NOT a success. He admitted that he could not phantom why he got this; by the time he got it, he has forgotten about the clown completely.  Bummer.



Later I did a second version with a bit less sinister undertones: the clown got a paintball gun. (You can see the paint splashes on the bench next to him.) This was another present for another friend of mine; I guess I like to recycle old ideas. Sue me.