2 thoughts on “dfrs1sx”

  1. You need courage to build sort of beast I have seen a video on youtube Rye Field Panther I said nope too hard but I bought Bergepanther from Takom (may be there is chance to build it). I have so much trouble with the instruction especially small parts, please you scan the instruction on Takom panther actually the beginning of both models is same with different letter & number
    It was missing the manual for the jacks fortunately from your scan I can build it thanks (I have 3 jacks with 1 handle on & 2 closes and I just find the top of jerrycan almost a day after)
    I am interesting about the cables I though what a shame to have so many parts no even a cable for the battery


    1. Yeah, I started the RFM Panther (post incoming), and it’s not easy. The Takom one, however, is nothing special so far. The manual is OK (no mislabelled parts), although I do have to magnify some of the pictures to make sense of them…

      The wiring and cables are indeed a shame; everyone has to do their own research on the matter, unfortunately.


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