ACE Models: 1/72 Shot Meteor

Another ACE kit… A Centurion in IDF service. I will write a review of it for Armorama; for now, a few points:

There is a substantial amount of flash, and also seam lines everywhere. The detail, in general, is good, but the gun barrels are not exactly great. Lots of sink marks and whatnot -not ideal. The other big issue I have is the rubber track… each section is made up by two parts, and you are supposed to melt them together. Not going to happen. (I do wish ACE switched to link-and-length…)




Otherwise it is a good kit. Not as refined, perhaps, than a Flyhawk model, but you don’t need to be spoiled all the time; it builds up into a respectable replica of a Centurion, and that’s that. It is absolutely recommended.



Painting will commence as soon as I have some time to bring out the airbrush… Right now my modelling time increased because I can actually work while listening to pointless skype meetings, but airbrushing would be one step too far I feel. Stay safe, everyone!

4 thoughts on “ACE Models: 1/72 Shot Meteor”

  1. “I can actually work while listening to pointless skype meetings” – I’ve been known to say “This was a meeting that should have been an email”.

    If I’m smart I say it to myself and not out loud…

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    1. Precisely 🙂 Or rather, not even happened at all. Most of the meetings I have is just people talking about project-related stuff, not the actual project. Just things that do not actually matter… So I listen and glue 🙂 It actually helps me to time the builds. This one took about 2.5 hours; I also finished Revell’s T-90 (only the build, painting is another issue), plus Hobby Boss’s EBR-10, because why the hell not. (There is a waiting list of models, but it looked simple, so it skipped the queue.) Too bad there is so much to do when I am not at meetings that I actually have less time outside of work…

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