The “correct” colors

I keep seeing discussions on different scale model related groups on facebook, and on forums about the correct colors and hues of models.

Sometimes there are real vicious arguments about which paint brand is the closest to the “real” color, see a lot of discouraging comments about specific models about how inaccurate their specific version of Russian green, chocolate brown or whatever.

You can also buy really nicely priced paint sets from different manufacturers claiming authenticity, promising you that by buying the specific set for the specific vehicle your model will be accurate. (And making you spend money on the 50th shade of green paint you will have in your paint collection.)

They might indeed be authentic in a way, meaning that their color probably matches very well to a certain vehicle.

But are these the  definite colors? Will using them make your model into some absolute accurate representation of all vehicles of the given type?



Probably not.

And yes, you can say that those Ruskies have no clue about quality control, and just slap any green on their armored vehicles, but then take a look at those precise Germans…


So yeah. The moral of this is that if it looks good enough, it is probably good enough. You probably do not need to buy fourteen different “Russian green” from ten different paint brands.

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