Tankfest, 2018, part 2. -the cutaway tanks

A cool exhibition of a Centurion cut in half, along with a somewhat corny video of a tank maneuvering and shooting on the range.

A cutaway T-55… this is something I’m definitely going to do. I mean I did try to do one before, but I always held back of fear of ruining the model. Not any more… The new MiniArt T-55A Mod 1981, here I come. (I really like the idea of cutting away the side of the hull by the driver.) There are other examples, too, for inspiration.

Assorted thanks sitting around. Black Prince, Comet, Archer, Panzer IV, The Penis Tank, and the rest. A WoT wet dream.

An armored plate with some projectiles sticking out…



Keep an eye out -more photos are incoming.

3 thoughts on “Tankfest, 2018, part 2. -the cutaway tanks”

  1. Great photos.

    I know a lot of people knock WoT, I don’t having never played it, but it has certainly meant that a lot of would otherwise have been forgotten prototypes and experimental vehicles have got some attention.



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    1. It’s an addiction 🙂 (Or almost.) It’s free to play -nominally- but there are factors which make it a bit less free. It IS a fun game, however. Not as histerical as your regular FPS. It’s strategic/tactical, and involves a lot of thinking and planning. (Not to mention knowledge…)
      If you want to try it, go on reddit; you can find invite codes there, and I (or others) could help getting started. When I first started without help I just gave up because it was just confusing.

      But yeah. They were very helpful getting rare, lesser known tanks known.

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      1. Thanks for the offer- it is appreciated. However, I trying to cut down on the amount of time I’m spending on PC games… I waste too much time on it as it is.




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