A quick update (and no photos)

Well, promotion came with it a new job and new responsibilities. Adulting presently is slowing down my main focus of interest- model building. Since I have not posted for a long while, here’s a quick update.

Soon to be coming: W-Model’s 1S91, Meng’s FT-17, the finishing touches on the T-55AM, OKB’s AMX-40, Revell’s Cromwell, and a couple of WH40K figures (Abaddon himself in three different versions prominently featured among them). Most of these models are on the verge of completion; should be able to finish at least two of them this week. MiniArt’s T-60 and Zvezda’s Panzer IV ausf. H are in a more nascent state.

On reading fronts: I’ve read the two volumes of D-Day Through German Eyes and can wholeheartedly recommend for anyone who is interested in what actual combat looks like (quite horrifying, in fact), and how the Germans thought about the war. I have to say it was an eye opening read; the books are well worth the couple of bucks.

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