Scottie from Coraline


I guess I do not surprise anyone if I say I love Neil Gaiman; it’s not a very controversial statement. (Not the man himself. I do not know him. I mean I’m sure he is an excellent fellow and all, but I cannot really claim I love him as we are not acquainted. I love his work would be the more accurate statement.)

Anyhow, the movie Coraline was -as usual- a great story, and was suitably dark and weird for Gaiman. I had some modelling clay at my hands, so I gave a shot at sculpting one of the Scotties from the movie. This is the result…
I essentially made an armature of wire, and beefed it up with some aluminium foil; I tried to keep the amount of clay low.


These are only in-progress shots; the rough edges were worked off (like the foil sticking out), and the figure was painted. Unfortunately it was a gift for a really good friend of mine who lives in NYC, and I do not have photos of the finished articles. Should you really, really want to see it, donations for the flight to NY are accepted 🙂

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