T-34/85 with full interior (Hobby Boss 1/48)

I have a fetish for interiors… They make an interesting vehicle (let it be an airplane, a tank or a car model) even more intriguing -after all, you get to see under the hood (in a very literal sense). You get to see where the crew is located, where the engine is, where they keep the ammo; you get some idea about the general ergonomics of the vehicle, and of course, some vague idea how the whole machine works.

I have an ongoing project to build all German tanks in 1/35 with full interiors. This is not always a cheap option, as many models require resin interiors, and only lately did plastic models came out with full (or partial) interiors. (The Bronco pnz I. F. comes with one, for example.)

When Hobby Boss came to the market, they started churning out incredibly cheap and incredibly well made models in 1/48. They cost as little as a 1/72 model, and half of a Tamiya model in the same scale. One of the most incredible thing they did was to start selling T-34 series with full interiors. I could have bought all the models they came out with, but since I already have a 1/16 Trumpeter model in storage, I restrained myself. (Talking about the Trumpeter kit… the Hobby Boss kit feels like a shrunken version of the Trumpeter offering.)

The interior is simply amazing. So without further ado: the gorgeous T-34. I have to say: even if you are an SF modeller, or you only build airplanes, give a shot to this kit; you won’t regret it.

The V2 diesel engine is really well detailed. I’ve left it out of the tank, so I could display it on a stand in front of it. (A future plan…)
I used filler to make the surface irregularities on the turret. (The casting process left the metal rough, and due to the demands of the war, they were not very particular about looks, anyway.)
My very first attempt in chipping: light green base, and some dark brown on top of it to give the illusion of depth.

7 thoughts on “T-34/85 with full interior (Hobby Boss 1/48)”

  1. Hello! the build looks really good! I am hoping to buy this model in the near future, would you be able to give me some advice?


    1. Hi, I am glad you liked it. Honestly? It is a perfect little gem; it is as detailed as a 1/35 (with the corresponding high part number), and the fit is great; there were no issues with the assembly. I wish more kits in this scale came with interiors… (Looks like a good compromise between the 1500+ part RFM Model/Takom/MiniArt kits and detail.)


      1. Would you be able to tell me which paints you used for the interior and the exterior?


      2. Can’t really say – it was a really long time ago. The interior was Tamiya white for sure, and the exterior is some sort of a green color. The thing is with Russian armor (especially WWII era) that there are no “real” colors – there was no standard color used. Not to mention the application differed, the colors change with useage, light conditions… so you can use any sort of right-looking green. (https://butterfingeredmodelbuilder.wordpress.com/2019/07/13/the-correct-colors/) The chips were painted with a really bright and light green, and filled in with Vallejo’s German black brown (my favorite for chips).


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