ModellTrans Luchs

The PzKpfw II Ausf. L “Luchs” was -as the name suggests- a variant of the Panzer II. (It was called Pnz II, yet it shared almost nothing with any of the Pnz II variants. Different engine, different suspension, different chassis, different tracks… and the list is long. It was essentially a separate design of its own.) They’ve built 104 of this tank, and used it extensively in the early war years. This tank was used as a reconnaissance tank, and it was not particularly successful -or useful. It was not a failure, either; but the concept of a light tank was probably outdated by 1942.

I don’t do particularly well in it, but I love the Luchs in World of Tanks. So I got the ModellTrans version.

I’m not sure if the turned barrel comes with the kit or not (I’ve ordered quite a lot of models back then with 2cm guns). What I do know is that I dropped the turret once, and the originally installed resin gun barrel just disintegrated. The moral of the story? Don’t glue in thin, sensitive parts that are prone to break until the last minute of the build.

The model is very simple, easy to build. About 6-7 pieces total.

I was experimenting with scratches in braille scale. The first layer of the scratch was a lighter shade of the base color, and a brownish color was used in a much smaller area inside the scratch, representing the exposed metal.






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